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ch@tr is a XMPP client application for Google Talk built with WPF and VB.NET and designed particularly for Windows 7. Although currently in Alpha, the vision for ch@tr is that it will become a hub for email, chat, and calendar, focusing the user to the task at hand by filtering out unwanted emails and chat messages that conflict with the current calendar item. By cutting down on distraction and idleness, ch@tr will help users get work done faster without compromising the ease and rapidity with which users use email, chat, and calendar. Consider this example of ch@tr in action: Fred arrives at work, plops down his laptop, boots up, and starts working on his report for the company. He's waiting for some emails from team members concerning the report, so he checks his email via ch@tr. Seeing that Fred is writing a report based on his calendar, ch@tr filters the emails to those that might be relevant to the report - or, if pre-specified, to those contacts that are collaborating on the report. That way, Fred isn't distracted by that newsletter that pops into his inbox every morning. Naturally this feature could be turned off if desired. For questions or comments on ch@tr, don't hesitate to start a discussion or comment on a release.

Ch@tr uses the agsXMPP SDK:

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